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New type of wrist monitor that charts glucose levels

Glucose Wrist Monitor from movie "Panic Room":

For those who haven't seen the movie:
"The daughter wears a new type of wrist monitor that charts glucose levels."

- Does this device exist or is it fiction?

I believe this device is the GlucoWatch G2 Biographer,
manufactured by Cygnus:

"The GlucoWatch® G2TM Biographer is available by prescription only.
The GlucoWatch G2 Biographer is intended for detecting trends and
tracking patterns in glucose levels in adults (aged 18 and older) and
children/adolescents (aged 7 to 17) with diabetes. Parents should
supervise the use of the G2TM Biographer by their
children/adolescents. The G2 Biographer is intended to supplement, not
replace, conventional blood glucose monitoring."


"The first product from Cygnus, the GlucoWatch Biographer, was
launched on Monday, April 15 [2002]. It reads glucose levels up to
three times an hour automatically through the skin. It is designed as
a supplement to the finger stick method of measuring blood glucose

Cygnus also just received approval from the FDA for its second
generation GlucoWatch G2 Biographer, which it expects to roll out
later this year. The GlucoWatch is under expedited review for use by
children as well, and approval is anticipated in three to four months
according to CEO Hodgman.

The GlucoWatch received some well-timed publicity in the recently
released movie Panic Room, starring Jodie Foster. Foster's daughter in
the movie is a diabetic and wears a wristwatch glucose monitor, and it
is featured in the storyline."

The Online Investor

According to this article, the device costs $595. Sensors, which have
to be replaced every 12 hours, are $69.75 for 16:

"A wristwatch that continuously monitors blood sugar levels without
the need to draw blood goes on the U.S. market today [April 15, 2002].
The GlucoWatch Biographer takes readings through the skin at 20-minute
intervals over 12 hours. When blood glucose rises or falls past
pre-set levels, an alarm goes off.

This is the first device that can take real-time glucose readings
without piercing the skin, says Rhoda Cobin of the American
Association of Clinical Endocrinologists... The device costs $595, and
the sensors, which have to be replaced every 12 hours, sell for $69.75
for 16. Insurance does not reimburse for it.

...In development for more than 10 years, the Gluco-Watch is not yet
licensed for use in children, though a look-alike gadget appears in
the film Panic Room."

Diabetic Help

For more details on the GlucoWatch Biographer and how it works, here's
a useful .pdf file:

Diabetes in Control

Here are the manufacturer's contact details:

"Cygnus, Inc.
400 Penobscot Drive
Redwood City, California 94063-4719
Telephone: (650) 369-4300
Fax: (650) 599-2503
For information about the GlucoWatch G2 Biographer: 866-GL WATCH"

Cygnus, Inc.

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